I have never felt like a victim, because I don’t think that kind of attitude is helpful. And you can’t live your life thinking that someone tried to kill you. I was, simply, born again. Without legs. I hope some day all people will live together in peace.

Now that I have fulfilled so many dreams that I thought were unattainable, I want to help others to fulfill theirs. That is the purpose of Irene Villa Foundation, whose main focus is on labor integration for people with any kind of disability, and adaptive sports.

There is no time for hatred, because there is no peace without pardon. I forgive in order to live. I hope that opening my heart in this book will inspire others to spend time in reflection, seek inner harmony and promote human values.

If my experience has helped others to appreciate their legs, their situations and their lives, then all the pain, the set-backs and the not-so-good moments will have been worth it.

Irene Villa, (Madrid, 1978) holds  Bachelor’s degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Humanities and Psychology. Ever since she and her mother were victims of a brutal terrorist bomb in 1991, she has focused her life on helping others to overcome their particular barriers.

 At present, she works as a writer, speaker, promoter of values among young people, and media journalist. She cooperates with several organizations that promote and defend freedom, peace and the rights of disadvantaged people. She is the author of five books and since 2007 has been a member of Fundación También’s Adaptive Alpine Ski team, with whom she has won many medals.

She has received numerous important awards and honors, including the Children of Europe prize, presented to her personally by Lady Di (London, 1992); the Silver Microphone, for her book To Know You Can (2005); and the Golden Antenna (2012). She was nominated for the Prince of Asturias Concordia Prize and the Victory Award (Washington).